Our Team

The Moon Jumpers Ensemble team is highly - trained, experienced, and dedicated to the success of the company.

Rufus Wood

Founder/ Artistic Director


Rufus Wood Founded Moon Jumpers in 2017 to help young artists develop their skills as actors, designers, and practitioners. He has been in three productions at the Stage Center Theatre, and a performance of Trojan Women at the Piven Theatre. He has also written a stageplay that was performed at Olive Harvey College. Recently Rufus has been the assistant director at Oriole Park Elementary, learning from the wonderful Becky Bistrow. 


Education: A.A. in Liberal Arts Harry S. Truman College

                   B.A. in Communitcation, Media, and Theatre from Northeastern Illinois University.


Experience: Playwright; Read Through American Eyes (2008)


                     Production Staff; Set construction for All My Sons (Stage Center Theatre2012)


                    Cast Member; Ensemble for The Braggart Soldier (Stage Center Theatre 2013)


                    Cast Member; Chorus Member for Miss Julie (Stage Center Theatre 2014)


                   Cast Member; Baby/Reverend D. for In The Blood (Stage Center Theatre 2016)


                   Assistant Director; Jane and The Giant Peach (Oriole Park School 2016)


                   Assistant Director; School House Rock (Oriole Park School 2017)


                  Cast Member; Poseidon/Guard for Trojan Women (Three Crows Theatre Company 2017)


                  Director, What Am I Going to Do With All This Fruitcake Now That You're Gone (Theatre Ecletic 2017)


                  Assitant Director, Annie Jr. (Oriole Park School 2018)


                  Artistic Director, The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland (Moon Jumpers Ensemble 2018)







Liz Clark -- Wood




Liz Clark - Wood is the Administrator for Moonjumpers Ensemble. She has spent ten years with the Chicago Park District, working with children of all ages. She has also been a special recreation instructor for children and adults with disabilities.


Education: B.S.W. in Social work from Northeastern Illinois University


                     M.S.W. in Social work from Loyola University


Experience: Recreational Instructor (Special Recreation) at Chicago Park District 2008 - Present


                      Social Worker at Moon Jumpers Ensemble 


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